Journal List

Sr. No.Journal Name
1Indian Journal of Microbiology – ISSN -0046-8991 Springer Nature India Private Limited(427)
2IUP Journal of Applied Economics – ISSN -0972-6861 The ICFAI University Press(55)
3IUP Journal of Applied Finance – ISSN -0972-5105 The ICFAI University Press(55)
4IUP Journal of Bank Management (UGC-49086) – ISSN -0972-6918 The ICFAI University Press(55)
5IUP Journal of Brand Management – ISSN -0972-9097 The ICFAI University Press(55)
6IUP Journal of Business Strategy – ISSN -0972-9259 The ICFAI University Press(55)
7IUP Journal of Computer Sciences – ISSN – The ICFAI University Press(55)
8IUP Journal of Effective Executive – ISSN – The ICFAI University Press(55)
9IUP Journal of Entrepreneurship Development (Delay Publication) – ISSN – 0973-2659 The ICFAI University Press(55)
10IUP Journal of Information Technology – ISSN -0973-2896 The ICFAI University Press(55)
11IUP Journal of Marketing Management – ISSN -0972-6845 The ICFAI University Press(55)
12IUP Journal of Organizational Behavior – ISSN -0972-687X The ICFAI University Press(55)
13IUP Journal of Soft Skills [Unreliable / No supply guarantee] – ISSN -0973- 8479 The ICFAI University Press(55)
14Journal of Advanced Research in Journalism & Mass Communication – ISSN -2395-3810 Advanced Research Publications(1919)
15University News [no supply guarantee / no refund] – ISSN -0566-2257 Association Of Indian Universities(177)
16International Journal of Civil Engineering(379) Serials Publications(98)
17Civil Engineering & Construction Review(5716) Trend-set Engineers Pvt. Ltd.(430)
18Indian Geotechnical Journal(6296) Springer (India) Private Limited(427)
19India Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering(10167) Academic Research Journals (India) (1775)
20IUP journal of Structural Engineering(4706) The ICFAI University Press(55)
21The Indian Concrete Journal (2078) The Associated Cement Cos.Ltd (194)
22International Journal of Web Applications (4720)  Digital Information Research Foundation(280)
23 Journal of Computer Graphics & Multimedia Application(12942) Enriched  Publications (2799)
24IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering (IOSR – JCE)(9851) International Organization of Scientific Research (IOSR)(1710)
25Journal of Digital Information Management(4729) Digital Information Research Foundation(280)
26Journal of E-Technology(7205) Digital Information Research Foundation(280)
27Journal of Information Security Research (7207) Digital Information Research Foundation(280)
28Journal of Intelligent Computing(7208) Digital Information Research Foundation(280)
29Journal Of Networking Technology(6996) Digital Information Research Foundation(280)
30Journal of Operating System Development & Trends (12029) STM Journals (1381)
31Recent Trends in Programming Languages (RTPL) (11930) STM Journals (1381)
32International Journal of Electronics Engineering(241) Serials Publications(98)
33IEEMA Journal(222) IEEMA Journal(94)
34IOSR Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering (IOSR-JECE)(9854) International Organization of Scientific Research (IOSR)(1710)
35IOSR Journal of Mobile Computing & Application (12542) International Organization of Scientific Research (IOSR)(1710)
36IUP Journal of Telecommunications(6969) The ICFAI University Press(55)
37Journal of Microcontroller Engineering & Applications (Formerly Journal of Microprocessor Engineering & Applications) (11465) STM journals (1381)
38IUP Journal of English Studies (6409) The ICFAI University Press (55)
39IUP  Journal of Entrepreneurship Development(2537) The ICFAI University Press(55)
40International Journal of Fluid Mechanics(243) Serials Publications(98)
41Indian Foundry Journal(122) The Institute of Indian Foundrymen(81)
42Industrial Automation (5728) IED Communications (441)
43IUP Journal of Mechanical Engineering(4710) The ICFAI University Press(55)
44Journal of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering Enriched Publication Pvt. Ltd (2147)
45 Journal Of  Materials Sciences(11776) Enriched Publication (2799)
46Journal of Mechanics and Thermodynamics (11780) Enriched Publication Pvt. Ltd (2147)
47Journal of Vibration Engineering & Technologies(Formerly Advances In Vibration Engineering(4727) Krishtel eMaging Solutions Pvt. Ltd(300)